The World Famous Legends Of Rock'n'Roll

         and the KING 



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 On December 4th, 1956 an event occurred that was to become music
legend. A jam session started at Sam Phillips' Sun Records
Studio that featured Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash,
Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis Presley.

    The jam session seems to have happened by pure chance when
    all of these Sun recording artists dropped by to give Sam Phillips a
      holiday visit on that same day. When Elvis wandered over to the
  piano and started playing a seasonal song… the others
  joined in and the jam session began.

    Cowboy Jack Clement was the sound  engineer  that day and
      remembers saying to himself "I think I'd be remiss not to record
      this" and so he did and the rest is history. After running through a
       number of songs, Elvis and girlfriend Linda Evans slipped out as
        Jerry Lee pounded away on the piano. Cash claims in his auto-
        biography that "no one wanted to follow Jerry Lee, not even
      Elvis." During the session Phillips spotted an opportunity for
         some publicity and called a local newspaper and the
  entertainment editor, came over accompanied by a photographer.

   The following day, an article about the session, was published
     under the title "Million Dollar Quartet." The article contained
     the now-famous photograph of Elvis seated at the piano
     surrounded by Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash.
        he recordings of this event are now collector’s items
   and the fame and celebrity of the “Million Dollar Quartet”
      has since become world-wide

The Killer, Cash and the King: The Sun Records Superstars
 pays tribute to these legendary Sun Records recording artist’s
   music  from that original night as well as many other songs by
    Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley that have stood
    the test of time… 90 minutes of rockabilly, country and pure
       1950’s rock and roll portrayed by the world's best tribute artists
            and played the way it is supposed to be played.




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